Engo Reaches 200 Stars

Engo reaches 200 stars!

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Today marks the day that Engo reaches two hundred stars on github. Engo started out as a fork of ajhager/engi by the forks original maintainer @paked. It has over the time turned into a community driven project with 3 core contributors/maintainers myself included and over a dozen more contributions from the community. Since it’s original fork we’ve accomplished quite alot of things. We’ve added mobile (android) support with iOS right around the corner. We’ve added web support so your games can now run in web browsers. And have fixed a whole bundle of issues making us well on our way to Engo v1.0. So to wrap it off the whole Engo team would like to thank everyne who’s contributed to engo wether it’s submitting issues, pull requests, asking questions on the gitter chat, bringing certain things to our attention and overall just giving Engo a chance. We couldn’t have made it this far with all of you. We hope you enjoy using engo as much as we enjoy working on it.

Also a note to anyone new to Engo. Currently the tutorials are slightly outdated. We’d recommend the demos as a starting point for any new people and to show Engo’s status.