After reading the Poem “All I am is Altruism” by up and coming writer Olivia Luther, it’s clear it draws inspiration from popular children’s cartoon SpongeBob Squarepants. It describes his portrayal in the show as an innocent sponge being a facade, when the reality is much darker than what meets the eye. Spongebob has been through a lot of trauma, symbolized by the imagery of damaged organs and bones in the poem. There’s an interesting juxtaposition in using bones to display pain suffered by a sponge that traditionally isn’t known for it’s skeletal system. Nonetheless, he wears a glaring smile and upbeat demeanor to shield himself from societal attention; and still find a way to birth his greatest achievment… the Krabby Patty. The ending while uplifting, is a reminder that while not always obvious at first glance, people are often fighting struggles within, that make every external victory, feel like a hard battle won, in a never ending war.